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Our Trip to Italy

Italy is in my family’s blood – it’s the heart and soul of what we do at Eatdrinklaugh, and where my roots are. Italy inspires me in the kitchen and helps me bring joy to customers by creating their favourite dishes with simple, beautiful ingredients. It’s hard not to get excited when I talk about Italy, and I’m thrilled to be traveling to Sicily with my family next month! It’s going to be wonderful, but this isn’t just a vacation – it’s an opportunity to taste new foods, experience the culture I love so much and bring it back here to you.

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Why we create a custom menu for every event

When clients call with questions about private catering, they often ask to see a menu. This is when I let them in on something unique about Eatdrinklaugh: we don’t have one.

Yes, we are a private catering company and event space with NO regular menu. Why? Because food is an art and no two clients are alike. The perfect meal looks different to every person we work with, so why create boundaries that don’t need to exist? Taste is highly personal. There’s good reason people favour certain restaurants or cooking styles and dislike certain foods – it’s the same as having a favourite type of music. Furthermore, we find that with any large group, there are limitations due to a variety of food intolerances or allergies – something we don’t shy away from and are accustomed to working with.

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Eat, drink, laugh and feel at home in our event space

Many of you know Eatdrinklaugh as a custom caterer, and for our ability to plan events here in Toronto. While these are important elements of what we do, there’s a central element that helps us make it all possible: our beautiful venue in Scarborough.

In case you haven’t been here in person yet, let’s talk about our event space – the perfect spot for your next gathering!

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Know someone who deserves a special night out? Nominate them to win!

Vince Spitale and family

The following message is from Vince Spitale of Eatdrinklaugh.

No matter how much hard work, dedication and kindness someone puts out into the world, we all have challenging times. These setbacks may be related to health, finance or countless other things, but the truth is that everyone has them. While I hope your life has more ups than downs, remember – the downs are always temporary!

At Eatdrinklaugh, I have the incredible good fortune of seeing people on some of the best days of their lives: holidays, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions. These are magical times with family and friends, and memories that last a lifetime. But who’s to say we can’t create a little magic, too?

That’s exactly what my family and I want to do – create a little magic for some deserving people in our community. We’re planning something special, but I need YOU to help us find the right people!

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