Our Trip To Italy

Italy is in my family’s blood – it’s the heart and soul of what we do at Eatdrinklaugh, and where my roots are. Italy inspires me in the kitchen and helps me bring joy to customers by creating their favourite dishes with simple, beautiful ingredients. It’s hard not to get excited when I talk about Italy, and I’m thrilled to be traveling to Sicily with my family next month! It’s going to be wonderful, but this isn’t just a vacation – it’s an opportunity to taste new foods, experience the culture I love so much and bring it back here to you.

Taste the best of our vacation

While my family and I take a culinary journey through Sicily, I’ll be taking notes and learning as much as I can. It will be an amazing hands-on experience and I can’t wait to discover some new dishes and cooking techniques. I might even find new ways to use eggplant! (If you know me, you know how much I love eggplant.) It’s also a fantastic way to introduce my four children to their heritage and let them experience traditional Italian cuisine. Not a bad summer break, I’d say!

In Italian food, pasta is just the beginning. I look forward to working with different proteins and seafood, tasting the bread, baked goods and desserts, and maybe raising a glass of Limoncello. Then in the fall, I can share these great foods and experiences with you at our venue. Cheers!

Book now for fall

If you’re interested in having me cook for you in your home or at Eatdrinklaugh, we are currently booking events for the fall. Maybe you’ll want Italian fare, or maybe you’ll want something else – either way, let’s chat. Contact us to discuss the details of your event – I look forward to working with you!