Why we create a custom menu for every event

When clients call with questions about private catering, they often ask to see a menu. This is when I let them in on something unique about Eatdrinklaugh: we don’t have one.

Yes, we are a private catering company and event space with NO regular menu. Why? Because food is an art and no two clients are alike. The perfect meal looks different to every person we work with, so why create boundaries that don’t need to exist? Taste is highly personal. There’s good reason people favour certain restaurants or cooking styles and dislike certain foods – it’s the same as having a favourite type of music. Furthermore, we find that with any large group, there are limitations due to a variety of food intolerances or allergies – something we don’t shy away from and are accustomed to working with.

Naturally, we still provide suggestions and guide our clients in creating their custom meals. I can tell you about some of my signature dishes and will definitely ask what you enjoy eating. We’ll talk about your guests’ needs and preferences too, of course – private catering is about making people feel special and satisfied, and that begins with knowing what they want and what they can’t have. We take intolerances and allergies very seriously, and we strive to create meals that everyone loves – trust us, you won’t notice that we’re catering to dietary restrictions.

Simply put, we want to make everyone happy. It’s not an easy feat, but we’ve become exceptional at making it happen. Knowing all of this, why have a menu? We’ll make whatever you want (or need), and we’ll make it amazing!

Our area of expertise

I can cook just about anything you ask for, but my passion and signature dishes are mainly comprised of elevated Italian meals made with fresh, local ingredients. That includes pasta, gnocchi, seafood, steak and other proteins, amazing vegetable preparations, fresh salads and my famous eggplant parmigiana. I also make delicious desserts and custom cocktails – it wouldn’t be a complete meal without something sweet to cap off the evening! (Or, if you prefer, a great cappuccino.)

Let me cook for you

If you’re interested in talking about the amazing, personalized menu I can create for your next event, please contact us. With good food and great company, we can create an event your guests will never forget.